Trump Tax-Cut Bonuses are a Bust for Middle Class Workers, Wages Lie in a Wasteland of Failed Promises


On with stocks and dave should we start with general electric shares are up about seven and a quarter percent after the announcement that they're going to be spinning off that ge healthcare business right that's one piece of it another pieces they're going to divest their stake in baker hughes h g e company yes that's the formal name presumably that will change once the share sale is done and you've got a company that's the side it's going to focus on power aviation and renewable energy so you know this is all the strategic review under ceo john flannery so now at least we kind of know where they're going they talk about you know what's going to happen with their dividend i mean let's face it you end up with a much smaller company he would figure the payout will get smaller to and that's the case of course it's particularly interesting to have this pop and ge happened today because this is the first day one hundred eleven years that the stock is not in the dow jones industrial average taken out before the open bell in favor of walgreen's boots alliance and that drug store chain as we speak down one point eight percent so doing the dow no

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