Cool. And share with this this right here at the top, what you do for that program and what that program tries to accomplish. Awesome. So I. M. e. Techstars managing director of the program on Techstars is the, we are the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed in one of the ways we do that is through our our accelerators and this program specifically is exceleron or that we run with the on Alexa funded. It's a three months pergram where we work with companies that are in what we kind of you is the seed phase of the startup life cycle. These are all companies that are doing really interesting and novel things in voice and things that are specially relevant to Alexa. And so my job is is to work with Alexa fund to select the companies that I'm hands on day in and day out during the three months of the program working super closely with all those companies in helping shepherd them towards demo day in the nice stay very actively involved with the company's for pretty much as long as they'll have me after the program finishes cool in. So y'all have done your first crop. Of companies right in your moving on in your selecting the second currently? That's correct. We ran the first year program last July through October. We are actually about to kick off this next year's program. This July it will once again run July through October, and you know we are right now in that process of getting everything up in going. You know, you should keep your eye out for us to announce the participants in all that in July when the program begins. Thank you for joining us. We also have joining us Ruggerio Prudencio from the Alexa fund Ruggerio de pronounce that right. You got it right on. Thank you. So share with us a little bit about

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