Human Rights Watch asks Dubai's ruler about runaway daughter


Wbz newsradio ten thirty and wbz news time seven twenty six new court filings reveal a plot to execute a former new england mafia boss using a remote control plane rigged with explosives that was during the nineteen nineties documents filed ahead of the may ninth murder trial of francis cadillac frank salami included 2016 sixteen fbi report detailing the alleged scheme the report says mob enforcer kevin hanrahan plan to fly in explosiveladen plane into salam as home in sharon he also wanted to detonate a suitcase with explosives at a restaurant in providence frequented by rhode island mobster luigi baby shacks manako saw salomon codefendant paul redick are accused of killing boston nightclub owner and federal witness stephen dasaro whose remains were found in providence in two thousand sixteen there are new details about the abduction of a newborn at a florida hospital decades ago at her sentencing hearing friday gloria williams testifying that you put baby kamara in a bag and worried that she would be caught she's also begging for the parents forgiveness abc's eva pilgrim tells us what's next rank can't take a baby gloria williams claims he was in an abusive relationship depressed after a miscarriage when he walked out of that maternity ward with chameleon mobely now get caught the new it that secret would catch up with williams nearly two decades later told us last year she still loved williams he loved me for eighteen years prosecutors arguing the abduction was a selfish act williams told her true identity shortly before her arrest after realizing come i couldn't get a driver's license without a valid birth certificate or social security card human rights watch is asking dubai's ruling sheikh to reveal the whereabouts of his daughter after a french expi and others say she fled the marin only to be arrested off the coast of india the organization says that dubai silence on sheikha latifa bint mohammed al maktoum could qualify as an enforced disappearance to buy declined to comment publicly about sheikha latifa since the associated press reported in april on her disappearance the human rights watches middle east director says that emirates authorities should immediately reveal the whereabouts of the girl confirmed her status and allow her to contact the outside world wbz news time is seven twenty eight right now we've got fifty eight degrees partly cloudy skies in boston wbz's charlie sherman is up next he'll have the extended forecast and all the top stories the new.

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