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That's a great compliment because obviously there's something about your voice that worked for him in the composition of that song that recording so that's it was crazy i got my friend of our planet joe yeah no seriously like really so you know back in the nineties you know prince would sitting around thinking about how my voice would sound on his soundtrack but that's pretty cool that's very cool let's see we mentioned that you wrote and directed the glamour of it all i also understand that you wrote a pilot called ascension and are currently a writing a feature film called pock oh and james what can you tell us about ascension and james without fear of death yeah yeah the story of iraq the mercenaries in iraq kind based on eric trenches great black water i mean it's it's an extensive history and it's a heavy piece what happened with the basic story what happened is you know you had all this money seventeen billion dollars just disappeared in iraq and afghanistan taxpayer go and they would give out this money to these contractors and jobs would not get but as soon as i some of the the grant started pocketing money and trying to get at home these guys get prosecutors they all get caught court marshals and so i wanted to lie about the difference in you know the inequality just how these people you know how soldiers get pushed around and taking advantage of shot and killed and disposable and i understand you know it's a complicated issue that i wanted to delve into that so i drove into that and riverside sanchez and i'm doing some rewrites on it now but i i really like it on moves me and hopefully we'll see the light at days at some point look you just james giants is a lot more fun comedy and it's about the premises title screenwriter get this project greenlight by the mexican cartel and then has to suffer the consequences of that so it just as a wild ride and and doing the world rework on that too so we'll see what happens we'll keep good thoughts on both those projects and help they'll see the light of day in the meantime we're very grateful that you shared part of your day with us in our studio audience and.

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