Woman missing in New Jersey since December found dead, authorities say


And a good monday morning to everybody partly cloudy today highs are gonna hit seventy four degrees not a not a great day but not a terrible day weatherwise lynn thank you kidding me anything over fifty hey some sad news chenier coli she's the twenty four year old woman from paterson new jersey she's been missing since december and over the weekend they found her car with a body in the back seat has not been positively identified but it does appear at least to her father willie coley that it is his his daughter's body missing since december she was abducted on her way to work she's a nursing assistant she's the mother of a four year old boy and where she was abducted her father went there and he said he saw blood and would appear to be her glasses in the brook slope parking lot from which she was reportedly abducted but missing since december and now they found the car with the body in the back well they found the car just about a mile away but what was it just sitting there since december in the same spot.

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