Body found in missing New Jersey woman's auto


Just happened so fast police are still questioning the driver body found in an abandoned car appears to be that of a missing patterson woman the body of chanel coley was found the back seat of her car parked at a marion street apartment complex that had been neglected just kind of left there finally somebody noticed a strange smell coming from the vehicle and called police the woman has been missing since december senator chuck schumer with his sunday news conference wants the fda to ban e cigarette flavors that are geared toward kids he says at a time when the smoking rate is declining teens and children are increasingly using e cigarettes he says there's already law on the books that prevents fun flavored e cigarettes for being sold but nobody is enforcing it and it nypd officer who was dragged by a suspect car and badly injured in brooklyn is set to be released from rehab today this is a good story detective doll vivier responded to reports of gunfire in east flatbush last june he started chasing this teen gang member who was driving the car justin rail it was stolen car he grabbed onto it and was dragged for two blocks and during that time we've managed to fire two shots he hit the suspect but unfortunately he was seriously injured underwent nearly a year of rehab and he'll be released from the kessler institute in new jersey later today wish him well thanks joe bartlett by the way we're talking about that newark situation where there was a police chasing a woman was unfortunately killed a pedestrian the mother yes and and i wondered what the protocol but i got an email from a listen named john who said the nypd has no protocol about police chases which is as we left to the discretion officer on the scene if they i think they call it pursuit varies from department to department because i know there was a young mother who was killed in my town was a police chase the police from another town were pursuing this guy let's not good yeah no protocol nypd surprises me i thought they might have been.

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