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Essentially declared war on states that had legalized marijuana. Was this sort of seen as a push back to that and just to build on that talk about, you know, the continued threat that assesses Justice department is doing to the American people why it's such a violation of federalism, right? Every area have Jeff Sessions. A personal advocated for states rights advocated for states rights by the way against a civil rights saying that states should have the right to control their own policy and not have to implement the Voting Rights Act not after implement equal protection under the law under at the United States government. I mean, really was for an elephant nation. Dodger king would say is the state's ability to to retain Power or the federal government, and you have him send to the Justice department and the hypocrisy of it that now he is. Saying that even though California the will of the people will of state as past marijuana, legalization that we want marijuana to be legal. We one marijuana dispensaries to be able to operate. We want people to be able to grow marijuana to do business marijuana that the federal government can Trump that state law and the Jeff Sessions by repealing the coal memo saying that the federal government can go after any Bank in California that has money that comes from the marijuana business. So if you make money selling, marijuana are growing marijuana, you deposited in a California Bank. Now the federal government can come after that Bank for criminal conduct because they face prosecution under under Jeff Sessions is law. And that is just contrary to every principal federalism. So it's not just that he is anti-marijuana which would be bad enough. It is the rank hypocrisy of a states. Rights advocate when it comes to issues of racial Justice, suddenly turning into a federal government, a champion when it comes to issues about a state's right to determine marijuana laws. Now, I dunno, if last time we talked, we discussed in over an hour over and under on whether or not he was still going to be around. 'cause I mean, the guy's been on thin ice for quite a, why is he gonna be around much longer. I mean, can you do something you know, who knows an easy, certainly got huge issues are now. There's a talk about investigations about him lying to congress, and law enforcement will be seen from the people who've been fired at the FBI that they were planning to investigate some of his false statements to congress. So I, I mean there he has very little respected of congress. Unfortunately, it's only the president who can remove him. I mean, we could start impeachment proceedings. Against him, but that would take two thirds of the Senate and unlikely to get many Republicans to do that. Okay. So Saturday Night, Live will have a little bit more run out of this character, but the damage that he is doing a buy, a directing, the enforcement of prosecutions of folks for a for. Note with no regard racial disparity with no regard to the length of time in jail. I mean, just this persecuting spirit, it's it's really sad. Now the sessions actions weren't bad enough. What do you make of what has come out of the White House recently around? I guess you know the Trump administration's answer to the so-called opioid crisis. The headline there has been wants to execute drug dealers given the give them the death penalty strike you kissed. I mean, it's the same sort of nonsense that has gotten us into this mess. First of all, let's see what triggered the opioid crisis. It was the pharmaceutical companies. They have the ones to blame by peddling, these opioids and getting doctors to prescribe them for the most minor of surgeries, and that created the addiction because the pharmaceuticals companies were motivated by greed. And so the solution to this to prevent preventive solution is training doctors to make sure that they aren't over prescribing these medicines requiring pharmaceuticals to have warnings and disclosure, so that these opioids are only used when absolutely necessary not over prescribe used for minor use, and then having people who are addicted, get treatment, get rail, a counseling get real help and a plan for a withdrawal. I don't understand what he's talking about about these drug dealers and really is mind boggling. And it's, he thinks that tough rhetoric is going to solve something, but it's just not going to address the actual problem, which is a problem caused by pharmaceuticals over prescription where people need real treatment. Yeah, I feel like the response is is straight out of the eighties playbook return to mandatory minimums, draconian incarceration in, you know, I think a lot of that started with. With, you know, the governor of Maine, you know, making all these statements, you know to kind of cover up the lack of response to the overdose crisis that was happening in his state. His response was to blame drug dealers and that's become, you know, sort of thing. The new trend now is to charge drug sellers with homicide if the people who they sold the drug or acquire the drug four overdose, and it doesn't a, you know, address the problem that you know, we have a real overdose, you know, crisis country. Actually, I can't believe I'm saying this and I'm probably gonna lose a whole lot of credibility for this, but I was a little surprised to hear Trump, say positive things about access to the lock zone and at least give Mina lip service. But of course, you know, devils in the details rather talk about tough guys. Yeah, those are the most of the overdoses aren't by just heroin, traditional drug dealers. There you have overdoses of people getting this medicine prescribed and then getting medicine from friends. And I don't understand where is he gonna go. Oh, anyone, getting opioids from doctors from hospitals, or from friends or family members. You're gonna go a prosecute all of them and put them in jail. I mean, it's just a a lack of awareness of what's really going on in these communities. We're listening to representative row Khanna in his office, his home office down in Santa Clara, California. And if you think he's just delivering these pearls of wisdom just because the microphones are on, he does this every day. If you haven't looked at his Twitter feed, you doing yourself a disservice. Check them out at at ro Khanna that's R K H A N N A dropping a lot of wisdom on a regular basis. So you know, with spring it's, you know, it's kind of a time, rebirth and hope, and looking forward, what do you hope before in the horizon on a legislative level on a personal level? What do you hope to see get done while you know it was reading at TSA Elliott's the way sleight of the on the trip over here, of course, strikes out with April in the. The lilacs aren't blooming because it was such a depressing time in a an NFL is usually seen as the spring in rebirth, and then he TSA Elliott talking about how that's not taking place. And I wondered, you know, it was it was it was sad because I thought that's the moment right now in our politics. It's a time where we have fair mongering a time where we have anti immigrant, sentiment cruel fate towards people were transgender a cruelty towards people who are wanna come here greeters a lack of compassion for so many of these young folks were marching on gun violence. I mean the the idea that a member of congress attacked among Gonzalez, the student who stood there for six minutes mourning the death of classmates that someone at the adaptability attack her for her Cuban heritage. This is the type of. Just vitriol, that's in our body politic right now. But what gives me hope what gives me some sense that we're going to get out of this and our of eventually going to have a rebirth of our democracy is these young folks? I mean, they're just extrordinary. They are out there marching they're out there, demanding that politicians hear them where they're going to throw them out of there out there really making a difference on so many issues. And I think that is the the spring, they the rebirth of our democracy. I, we've had a failed generation of political leadership, and we need these young folks to to take the reins for our listeners of the program and all folks who care about drug policy reform and criminal Justice reform, how can we support what you and senator Booker and Representative Lee and all the folks who are trying to, you know, achieve. Policy reform on the congressional level? How do we support you? Where do I need to lineup? Coach? I appreciate that while I think you got continue to be advocates for this, hopefully talked to to your representatives, your elected officials, talk to them about the importance of being on legislation to legalize marijuana and take it off the federal prohibition of federal schedule, hitting drugs and talk to them about the need for expunge been of convictions. And by the way, this is not just federal policy. You can talk to your state legislatures and city councils. Any city can do this, any state can do this. And of course, the federal government can do this. It is one of the biggest issues facing the country for three reasons. I, it's a huge boost to the economy. It will create jobs, it will create a revenue and tax revenue. Second, it is a a way of having much better public health. We know that if people are. Using drugs of with regulation under proper guidelines of with a monitor, being monitored by public health or doctors, they're going to be far safer than if they're getting this without any regulation. And finally, it goes to the core of the racial divide in this country, the drought war. The reality is that was a a war on people of color in this country and anyone who looks at the statistics. That's not a sensational statement. That's a statement based on fact. You look at people who were locked up and who had long jail sentences, and it was disproportionately African American and minorities for the same exact offense. And if we don't see that drug war as a of as a issue of racial Justice than we are blind to the last thirty years. And so this is a civil rights issue in your advocates. The. The advocacy of so many activists is helping us a make a Mark in a difference in criminal Justice reform and the modern civil rights struggle. You heard it wisdom from one of our best and brightest in Washington DC representative ro Khanna Phillies the product Philidelphia the eagles won. You know I was watching and quietly rooting is, of course the forty Niners are in my district, but I tweeted out. I said, I feel happy for my brother sister-in-law and parents. Well, my son is in eagles fan as well. So I look forward to a year of him being insufferable. A eagles fan. I don't ask me it was. It was when Michael Vick became eagles quarterback out, and he was a big fan of his comeback story. Kids like me latch onto a team when he's a little little little picture and never let them Nick foles degrade story, right? Whether it's baby and airs. A guy was written off and wasn't supposed to even play in the NFL and then he gets this break and he's gets to start because of the injury. And then he leads his team to a SuperBowl and in others, you wanna still root in this country of for the underdog in a time where it seems like the the big interests are our winning, at least in the sports were all. Sometimes we get to root for the underdogs of course, the favorites to win basketball. While I have all the experience in the world, rooting for the underdog in Miami Dolphins fan. I'm an expert at it. You wanna experience a losing come on over to our side -gratulations on the victory for the town, Philadelphia, and thank you so much. Thank him your generosity and all your work. I appreciate appreciate your work and I look forward to being back on it really enjoyed doing this. You are welcome anytime. Congressman Rokon. Thank you so. Much. Man.

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