Reuters: Russia gives tentative nod to Schlumberger's acquisition of EDC stake

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In detroit russia disclosure suspect to rain i'm barbara kusak democrats cried foul after the gop led house intelligence committee officially ended its russia probe finding no evidence of collusion with the trump campaign which please the president a great report no collusion which i knew anyway no coordination no nothing but the new york times reports the russian lawyer brought into a trump tower meeting with other campaign officials in june two thousand sixteen has closer ties to the kremlin then first reported top democrat on the intelligence committee adam schiff plastic russian tradecraft they're not going to send a card carrying svr their cia member to meet a foreign national donald trump junior arranged the meeting because the russians promised dirt on hillary clinton bob costantini the white house president trump says the sites for a planned meeting with north korean leader kim jong un never narrowed to during a news conference with germany's chancellor trump said the summit should be quite something the man police believed to be the golden state killer faced arraignment today in california the court as correspondent dave alpert reports seventy two year old joseph di angelo did not enter a plea to charges of murder prosecutors across multiple jurisdictions are expected to file more charges against the former police officer suspected of killing twelve people and raping more than fifty women in the nineteen seventies and eighties the angelo is being held without bail and his next court date is scheduled for may fourteenth on the second day of a teacher walkout in arizona governor doug ducey announced a deal with state legislative leaders to hike teachers pay twenty percent by twenty twenty teachers in colorado also walked out of class over the same issues but little progress was made their hit and run traffic fatalities in the us are on the rise reaching a record level in two thousand sixteen according to the triple a foundation for traffic safety it found two thousand forty nine people were killed in hit and runs in two thousand sixteen that's a sixty percent increase since two thousand nine i'm barbara kusak zepa.

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