Playboy art director Art Paul, 93, and photographer Art Shay, 96, have died


It would be hard to imagine fuller lies in those led by arch and art paul to giants of the art world who died within hours of each other saturday morning both of them had been ill archie was ninety six art paul was ninety three so they had had very fruitful lives and very influential lives art shay was a photographer who died in his home in deerfield surrounded by some of the two million or more photos he had taken through his life he was there for most of the prominent events of the twentieth century met many of the century's most important people john fitzgerald kennedy merlin brando martin luther king gwendolyn brooks ernest hemingway carl sandberg james baldwin ann landers and roger ebert was roger who once set of arts photography that it quote shakes you up up sets you down gently pats you on the head and then kicks you in the ass art paul was sitting in an office in the loop he was born on the south side raised in rogers park was incredibly talented at sullivan high school and received a scholarship to the art institute he then came back went to the institute of design was freelance illustrator and designer with a little tiny office.

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