Top-level UN team arrives in Myanmar for Rohingya probe


Impressive but she lacked a command of the detail which predescessor had mastered and it proved to be her undoing hundreds of central american migrants who've traveled to the us border through mexico have been prevented from entering the united states the migrant convoy assisted by a pressure group has attracted huge publicity in the us from san diego on the us side of the border here's james cook on a breezy sunday afternoon some two hundred migrants including dozens of children made the final walk to the border where they're presenting themselves to the american authorities asking for asylum from violence and persecution in guatemala honduras and el salvador after waiting at the frontier for several hours caravan organizers said the united states was refusing to process any asylum claims american officials said their facilities had reached capacity even if the migrants make it through they're likely to face many months in detention while their cases are considered by the courts united nations officials investigating the hinge refugee crisis traveling to myanmar to meet its leader aung san suu they're hoping to secure guarantees to allow hingis who fled the country to return home safely nick peak is in young the fact that security council coming here suggests that they are concerned about the implications of the ranger crisis on the security of the region in the future for the diplomats who meet on san succi and the head of the burmese military were they've got a delicate path to take because in the short term they want to try guarantee that any ranjha families who do return from bangladesh are given security here are given some sort of sheri about their safety citizenship and also crucially there's some sort of guarantee that in the future they will not face persecution at least twenty one people have been killed in two explosions in the afghan capital kabul both occurred in the region of the city which houses the defense ministry intelligence service and nato compound the first attack was carried out by a suicide bomber on a motorbike it's not clear who carried out the second attack which hit people who'd gathered around the site.

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