Israel supporters speak out against tactics with Palestinians


It's the real news i'm ben norton as the israeli military continues to mow down unarmed protesters in the illegally occupied gaza strip on a weekly basis some of israel's most high profile supporters have begun to speak out against it's brutal oppression of the palestinians early this april one of hollywood's biggest actresses natalie portman ignited a firestorm when she announced that she would not be attending a major awards ceremony in israel in protest of its violence in gaza in response the genesis prize foundation which oversees what has been described as the jewish nobel prize canceled its price ceremony in israel natalie portman has been a longtime vocal supporter of israel she was born in jerusalem and has dual u s and israeli citizenship but now even some of the most prominent liberal zionists that is liberal supporters of the political movement and the israeli ethno state even they are publicly criticizing israel's extreme rightwing government since march thirtieth palestinians living in the illegal israeli besieged gaza strip have held weekly peaceful demonstrations as part of what they called the great march of return these really military has responded by massacring on armed protesters at least forty palestinians have been killed including journalists and young teenagers more than five thousand gazans have been injured israeli soldiers have shot thousands of unarmed palestinians with live ammunition joining us to discuss the growing divide between what liberals zionists say about israel and what's actually happening on the ground is alibaba nima alibaba is the director of the electric intifada he is also the author of several books about israel palestine thanks for joining us thank you ben so what do you think about this.

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