Scalise back on baseball field a year after shooting


Was sixteen thousand seven hundred fifty dollars euro blumquist with adam data solutions tells ktar that represents seven and a half percent of the median home price of just under two hundred and fifty grant here in the valley and ideal down payment i think is around the three to five percent level especially for first time homebuyers blumquist also says homeowners here tapping into their home's equity he locks up twenty percent from a year ago compared to fourteen percent nationwide jeremy foster ktar news just one year after a gunman opened fire on a congressional baseball team practice lawmakers will take the field again tonight in washington dc arizona senator jeff flake who was there that day says congressman steve scalise was injured in the shooting is not well enough to be back on the field this morning steve out on the field the plan catching cnn bat i mean it's a good thing scalise was shot in the hip and spent months in recovery i'm not get a check on traffic here's dani sullivan live from the valley chevy dealers traffic center in.

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