Asia's Response to the Trump-Kim Summit


Brad this samantha vinograd she actually is complaining that the lunch elevates kim jong hoon to world leader status yep what did she want them to have hamburger and fries you're getting mac and cheese we don't want to hit the any appearance that kim jong hoon is on equal footing with the president of france so boxed mac craft back road and cheese roman noodles for you a juice box and then msnbc chris janssen the host there well she's actually concerned about donald trump's age he turned seventy two yesterday yeah worth even bringing up victor that the president united states turned seventy two this week we think him genuine is thirty four against somebody who has been trained who has come through a dynastic situation does that give him necessarily an advantage here probably not i mean are you kidding me when i questioned no not really in fact i would think the seventy two year old would have an advantage in wisdom and years of experience over a thirty four year old guy and not to mention the donald trump is the president of the united states that wields an awful lot of power we got kind of better people around i think i think i think we're we're going to be okay there all right it got a little nasty again brandon win someone in the trump administration contrast to their foreign policy doctrine with that of president obama in a series of exchanges with a writer named jeffrey goldberg of the atlantic the trump doctrine is according to a senior white house official where america b word b word just say that altogether where america a bomb apologize to everyone for everything he felt bad about everything adding the trump does not feel like he apolo has to apologize for anything america does another trump associate told goldberg there's the obama doctrine and the f obama doctrine adding where the f obama doctrine want all in the presentation fellas all in the presentation all right well there was a little presentation for kim jong hoon before the meeting with the president he gotta you gotta look at a little video.

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