Asia shares stricken by trade tension, dollar holds gains


Trump was aware of the payment did not constitute a campaign finance violation dale says she was paid to keep quiet about a sexual relationship with trump global news twenty four hours a day on air tick tock on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts more than one hundred twenty countries i'm yvonne man this is bloomberg so become read in with a check on the markets asian stocks getting caught in a red for the antiquities are providing some relief ozzy shares are extending gains forty fifth day as recently battered banks are extending a recovery but banks are tumbling and singapore so singaporean stops are stopping a four day rice rationing its recently claimed spot at the top of the heap in asia hong kong shares are under performing justice jami filed for an appeal which expected to be a headwind for liquidity so with the intensification that high rates may jump that is supporting the hong kong dollar while the hung sing is that session lows the hong kong dollar that is set snappy four day decline the indonesia rupiah of that is getting punished as the pain spreads in the space it's heading for that more team thousand level and the ringgit that is softer for a seventh straight day the longest losing streak in sixteen months but maybank says the rickett remains cautiously supported amid broad dollar strength and in the lead up to elections next week the yen that is catching a bit as the dollar fails to test a year nate hi with dollar both likely disappointed that the fed was less hawkish than expected last look at the ten space ozzy the best reformer here popping after the trade surplus came in wider than forecast for the month of march for the aussie dollar does remain exposed to downside surprises as bets on an rv rate hike this year benazir parkway's cba just among the latest voices to see that rate hyping push back to the first half of twenty nine thousand nine hundred that's a look at the markets in asia.

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