At least 25 caravan migrants admitted for processing at US border


Chase from santa clarita to bakersfield in his rv with his two children inside stephen hogue ditched his three year old son and eleven year old eleven month old daughter last night and disappeared into an almond grove the kids have been reunited with their mom and hoke is from oregon he's been convicted of sex with a child under fourteen one official told reporters his crime has to agree just to discuss us customs officials in tijuana have been processing some of the members of that caravan from central america those asylum seekers were put through an interview to establish their identity then they went through a medical screening from there they'll meet with a specially trained customs officer for a credible fear hearing that's when they must convince the officer to let them enter the us about one hundred fifty migrants arrived sunday at the san pedro pedestrian gate but were denied access because usa officials said they were at capacity on tuesday customs officials began allowing a few at a time to enter the remaining people have set up a makeshift tents city in front of the pedestrian gate steve gregory kfi news the brother of florida school shooter nncholas cruise has been arrested a second time zachary cruise was booked into palm beach county jail yesterday for violating terms of his probation by being within twenty five feet of a high school parking lot over the weekend it was also driving without a valid license they eighteen year old was previously arrested for trespassing at the school where his brother killed seventeen people in february one of tom brokaw's former colleague says the management at nbc had no part in her letter defending brokaw amid sexual harassment claims dozens of current and former female nbc employees have signed saint brokaw has treated them with respect at least one staffer has told the media she was worried about repercussions if she didn't sign it the author denies pressuring anyone at least three women have accused out now of unwanted advances traffic.

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