Proposal trying to make NFL kickoffs 'more of a punt play'


Richardson tuesday may i two eight eastern time bryant still without a team still not signed his former quarterback tony romo talked about this after his us open qualifying round yesterday the espn he said there's a lot of teams he could help one thing i don't know how many teams will do their homework on it but dez is a good teammate if i was talking to any gm's or coaches i would tell them he's not going to hurt the locker room in any possible way he's gonna come out they'll be a great teammate and i think you'll have a couple options and i heard by the way every evaluator i spoke to with the draft who thought it was a wise play on his part to not sign a long term due to go one year and prove the all sean jeffrey route essentially so we'll see now everybody's got us now we know what the the wide receiver needy teams are in the nfl after the draft and fascinating thing is an telling you it's gonna come back one more time certainly of whitten goes into monday night football booth or the thursday night football booth one of them k that quarterback needy teams dallas i'm running a wide receiver needy team is dallas they already said the doors close it's over it's over over reunion possible it's i obviously they've closed the door multiple times it's over we're moving on we'll see how we're design and we'll see what the dallas cowboys wanna do stranger things have happened sir that's very true nfl real changes talked about him earlier with john lynch nfl executive troy vincent talked to at the week's today coaching summit on new proposed rule changes looks like the way he's going to try to do something about kickoffs not looking to get rid of kickoffs vincent said rather revise them and making the place safer vincent said he hopes to exit this week's meetings at the league office with a new kickoff proposal to bring to the owner meetings where this month i don't know what that would be one extra one and you do keep that in your back pocket if you need non side kick at the end of the.

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