Should I buy a home? A debate over the value of homeownership


Ninety nine our and our surprise when they get one because they don't you know they think hey i don't have to pay taxes why this happened but this can happen when moving an ira from one financial institution to another and it depends on how the paperwork was processed and the instructions provided by the ira owner usually if you request what is known as a direct transfer and this is when you do not have the funds made payable to yourself then you you won't get a ten ninety nine are but what we see sometimes is people get that check for their ira you know the balance paid to themselves and then that about is actually reported on ten ninety nine are even a few mmediately take it to another firm and put that into an ira that receiving ira custodian will treat it as a rollover they'll issue a forum fifty four ninety eight to report the rollover to the ira owner and the irs and so that v that formed fifty four ninety eight actually offsets the amount that you got on the ten ninety nine r which informs hey that amount shouldn't be taxable so but we've seen people get that ten ninety nine are when.

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