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Vodafone agrees 18.4 billion euro deal to buy some Liberty assets


New body that would investigate unsolved killings from the troubles in northern ireland introducing and you historical investigations unit was a major part of the two thousand fourteen stormont house agreement they agreed then to create a new independent body to deal with killings where there have been no prosecutions and the governor of hawaii is calling for us federal help to deal with an erupting volcano that's forced thousands of people to leave their homes at least twentysix properties have been destroyed by its lava officials have contacted the white house and the us federal emergency management authority global news twenty four hours a day on and talk on twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts more than one hundred and twenty countries i'm beyond guarantee this is bloomberg marcus thank you very much indeed leon we're just getting through some breaking news on the bloomberg terminal that we spoke about this story earlier now it's confirmed liberty global is to sell some european operations to vote a phone in a deal valued at nineteen billion euros these operations include liberty global's businesses and activities in germany hungary romania and the czech republic so virgin mobile here in the uk for instance would not be included in this deal liberty global to sell some european operations to vote a phone in a nineteen billion euro deal that's what we're hearing this morning vodafone as cisse cap ex senator of about five hundred thirty five million euros per year and vodafone says that the deal completion is anticipated around the middle of two thousand nine hundred nineteen vodafone also says that it is to finance this purchase by using existing cash as well as new debt so those are the latest breaking lines on the bloomberg regarding this liberty global vodafone let's get back to our top story then marcus france germany and the uk say they regret president trump's decision to pull the us out of the twenty fifteen deal to curb iran's nuclear program the news that america will reinstate financial sanctions on the islamic republic has sent brent above sixty six dollars a barrel in this session with wti touching highs above seventy dollars after oil actually dropped in the us session yesterday for more let's bring in bloomberg's ameri hordern who's been looking more closely at the potential fallout ameri document accompanying.

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