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It you love coming on this show right i think it's great for the people i mean you're calling from where f israel yeah we're like we're like eight eight thousand miles away from you your what the five miles from jerusalem i'm on about quarter of a mile from bethlehem even you can't get much more ensconced in the holy land in you're kanye i live in the bible belt i mean i'm john parts of missouri right here at us all the all the people living in the bible belt this guy is in the actual bible belt we're the the hey rabbi you the un condemns israel for excessive force against the palestinians despite evidence that their attacks on israel yeah i actually i mean it is absolutely one of the most insane things in the world and i actually saw i read today that i think the united states is gonna pull out of the un human rights commission which condemned israel which condemned israel for defending itself as i said on the air many times condemning a woman who defends herself from the rapist and it's just the world is is insane because you have you have a human rights commission you know with with countries that are in blatant violation of human rights actually condemning israel i mean it's absolute insanity so we don't we don't even take it seriously you know it's used to get my blood boiling but you know how can you even take that seriously you got to do because i mean you know i know your blood isn't similar a little bit every time it happens because you know once once you start having the reaction you started ignoring it well then then it takes on a life of its own i think you gotta fight back you to have enough it's gotta bother you enough to where we're gonna fight back in this representative of the the un ambassador from the united states nikki haley slamming the un every time they come up with us antisemitic garbage so you've got a great friend there you know what it nikki haley is unbelievable and i hope after trump's two terms he runs for president but what would we really need is the united nation the united states to pull the funding you know the.

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