Science Says This Eye-Opening Method is the Best Way to Persuade Someone Who's Wrong (Jeff Bezos Will Hate It)


Once had great oceans and rivers and lakes believe it or not in fact we think there was an ocean about as big as the united states of america that was once on the red planet so why not begin the process of melting the polar ice caps and once you raise the temperature six degrees then you get a greenhouse runaway effect in other words it's a stains itself and it basically tara forms itself once you raise the temperature by that critical temperature of six degrees and so of course this is not for us however maybe our grandkids may have the possibility of beginning beginning to turn mars into a new new home and that's what it's all about you see jeff bezos and elon musk have a vision not just to beat the russians we did that we've been there we've done that already a new vision first of all elon musk has a vision of becoming a multi planet species there is simply too dangerous to put humanity on one planet we need a backup plan an insurance policy in case something bad happens to the planet earth and jeff bezos also has a vision the richest man on earth believes that the earth should become a garden i mean think about that all the heavy industry all the pollution would be sent into outer space so the earth becomes a park a garden this glorious place to live while heavy industry pollution is all done in outer space and.

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