NFL wants Congress to enact sports betting framework


Today lockenfora spoke with wfan's e effectively a done deal firing something just completely unforeseen bizarre happening which really in this case is is scared to nil but anything can happen because this guy can literally pay with cash lockenfora says if tepper becomes the owner he does not intimate a lot of changes on the football operations side of things you've done a lot of work or mardi hardy ron rivera those guy he's repeated we caucus steelers people to rooney's the highest ranking people in the steelers organization about those die he's received sperling sterling feedback on all them he's not coming in there to crack heads right away for anything like that one of the things he liked about this franchise is that it's been up to win right now with a lot of those particulars already in play lockenfora also says he does not see the team moving anywhere else if temper becomes the owner the supreme court has struck down a federal law that bars gambling on football basketball baseball and other sports in most states giving states the goahead to legalise betting on sports more from kate shaw uhhuh couldn't use here which is basically intel states they can't pass her kinds of laws but if congress wants to regulate in a uniform way for the whole country it can still do that so i guess there is a question about whether congress will move to say try to prohibit sports betting nationwide doesn't seem very likely but the opinion leaves open that possibility gambling market researcher says the market for legal sports betting could be more than fifty seven billion dollars nationwide the nfl says it plans to ask congress to enact a core regulatory framework for legalize sports betting following the court's ruling and margot kidder who starred as lois lane opposite christopher reeve in the superman film franchise in the late seventies and early eighties has died she died yesterday at her home in montana at the age of sixty nine your wbz money watch the dow is up seventy three points at twenty four thousand nine hundred four the nasdaq is up twelve while the s and p five hundred is ahead by two this news brought to you by huntersville ford and online at huntersville ford.

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