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Norfolk came and i'm of mixed heritage and after the news i'll be meeting other mixed people like myself to talk about straddling identity was mixed race people always pick one side of mixed friends who they claim this is what clean sources black this i've personally never seen that middle ground there like oh on both group of being both is just so minimal doesn't exist bbc news with neil newness the former opposition leader in malaysia anwar ibrahim has been given a royal pardon and released from jail it comes a week after he and his former political rival mahato muhammed one is a prize electoral victory defeating the ruling party for the first time he had been imprisoned and what he said were trumped up charges of sodomy north korea has said that if washington continues to push it to unilaterally give up its nuclear weapons it may cancel next month's talks between president trump and kim jongun pyongyang said it would lose interest in talking if it felt cornered by the trump administration indonesian police have killed at least four men who tried to attack one of their stations on the island of sumatra with similar i summarize swords one policeman was killed the man stage of the assault after ramming their car into the police station gates in baton of rio khaleda zia the bangladesh form the prime minister and main opposition leader has been released on bail on health grounds she was sentenced to five years in jail for embezzlement but insists the charges are politically motivated a well known mexican journalist has been killed outside his house in the southern state of tabasco witnesses say juan carlos loretta was shot several times by gunmen on a pickup truck a judge has overturned california's physician assisted suicide law that law allows terminally ill patients to request lethal medications from their doctors.

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