'Black Panther' comes to Saudi Arabia as movie theater ban ends


On this from hugo chega singer thought stephenson was being held in a minimum security prison in southern iceland a complex with no fences and where inmates are known to have access to phones and the internet the details of the escape suggest a spectacular and well executed plan after fleeing through a window in the early hours of tuesday managed to get to iceland's main international airport almost one hundred kilometers from the prison he then took a flight to sweden with a ticket he bought in someone else's name without raising any suspicion by sheer chance iceland's prime minister was on the same plane traveling for a meeting police say it is unlikely the man acted alone and that the prison guards reported him missing only after the flight had departed officials later recognize him through cctv footage the suspect had been arrested in february in a case known as the big bitcoin heist the stolen computers which is still missing have an estimate mated value of two million dollars for the first time in more than thirty five years a hollywood film has been shown to cinema in saudi arabia the screening of the action film black panther was part of a series of tests before movie theaters are open to the public next month the return of the movies is part of recent social reforms by the kingdom's young crown prince mohammad bin salman before the screening my colleague anna unin spoke to the chief executive of amc entertainment adam erin in riyadh well this is a staggering opportunity really this is a country of thirty two million people they are avid movie goers but they've been deprived of seeing movies where movies should be seen collectively innovator on a big screen so saudis for the last three decades or more have been watching movies at home they've been traveling outside the country if you look at bahrain movie theaters and dubai movie theaters they're packed every weekend with saudi nash.

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