Gov. Jerry Brown appears at national press club


Johny ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou it's kfi am six forty visiting the doddering jerry brown that he appeared today at the national press club in washington dc well we should play this war clip because he made headlines for this now i guess in the end he's asking if the trump administration's at war with california but when you think about it california's one of the past the sanctuary state pill who started this war it goes beyond that because apparently everybody in sacramento from jerry brown to havi all the legislature and kevin danielle is fighting trump on several fronts including illegal immigration and climate change and all that stuff so let's listen to this clip is this a war on california's this a war on the engine of our american economy and innovation go to silicon valley look at these people say these are people who come from somewhere else their skin and their whole presentation these chinese these are indian what these are little eastern people persians iraqis business america we didn't get built on just the indigenous people far from it we destroy the indigenous he's making a pitch for immigration just generic pitch and crediting the silicon valley foreigners for helping build the economy but that's legal immigration correct you see what he does again it's what he's doing this is everything act by the hand the people love to say this in fact they mix illegal immigration with legal immigration and say immigration is wonderful why would you be against most people in fact trump's whole proposal is let's let in meritbased immigration exactly the people that old baldy is talking about all the tech geniuses let them in don't have all these unskilled largely uneducated poor people come pouring in because we can handle it that's trump wants to go to a merit based legal immigration so so so.

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