Goldman, Morgan Stanley Say Test Scores May Not Curb Payouts


On some of the nation's loans oil is trading above sixty six dollars a barrel has ministers vienna agreed on a theoretical increase in production of one million barrels a day despite calls from iran to boost output further momentum in the euro area unexpectedly picked up in june a composite purchasing managers index to fifty four point eight in june here in the us we get that purchasing managers index rating at nine forty five am wall street time economists forecasts little change from last month's fifty six point four reading bloomberg's vinny down jude is reports us manufacturing brand largest benefitted from renewed spending and plant and equipment it may the market factory index retreated from three year high registering fifty six point four there is a wild card a mix the impact of tariffs on domestic production manufacturing accounts for about ten percent of us economic activity vinny del giudice bloomberg daybreak thank you vinny goldman sachs and morgan stanley are urging against getting spooked by their stress test scores of federal reserves had the two banks had the two lowest capital levels by one key measure in the latest results but the banks say not worry that may not affect dividends and stock by backs deutsche bank cabbie outlook for its credit rating lower to negative from stable by fitch ratings which sites risk tied to deutchebanks turnaround plan and airbus is threatening to pull its uk investments if britain walks away from the european union without a deal the company says a departure from the single market without a transition agreement would lead to severe disruption of production futures are higher and futures up fourteen points dow futures up one hundred seventeen nasdaq futures up thirty one the dax in germany's up four tenths percent ten year treasury down five thirty seconds yield two point nine one percent yield on the two year two.

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