Paul McCartney Explores 'Dream Location' for New LP, 'Egypt Station'


The weather story with son now emerging here and there we'll get to be a nice first day of summer i around eighty four degrees of warm afternoon and then tonight patchy clouds lows sixty five in the city upper fifties in the suburbs tomorrow and tomorrow should be a nice day seventy five will be the daytime high with sun giving way to clouds and rain likely tomorrow night and then look into the weekend cloudy showers and a thunderstorm on saturday seventythree sunday is partly sunny with a shower thunderstorm the high up to eighty five monday will start the week with a mix of clouds and sun in the high eighty one so we are in the thick of summer right now fifteen hours and five minutes of daylight today sixty seven degrees in manhattan the dow is down ninety five points right now paul mccartney has a new song winnow holding talking to you know wrong as far as i'm concerned i don't care seventy sixers wig i don't care that this law probably won't be played on any radio station at new york's you know you're gonna have to get it on your own it's called egypt station is the name of the solo album egypt station and islamist called i don't know and i do know listening to that paul mccartney says thanks to the album as a dream location that the music emanates from egypt station goes on sale september seventh you want here on the radio station though except for this one yeah that's my predict on ready.

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