Europe strikes back against Trump tariffs, taxing bourbon, motorcycles and orange juice


I think his job one very very important very symbolic meteorologist is the most important thing because she had a state windsor castle will be closed to the public on july thirteenth so speculation that's where such a meeting might take place tom rivers abc news london tariffs on us exports to europe are set to go into effect tariffs on three point two billion dollars worth of us goods go into effect friday in retaliation for tariffs on steel and aluminum imports announced by the trump administration on the list of items subject to twentyfive percent tariffs agricultural products like rice and our orange juice as well as motorcycles whisky and cigarettes an official from the european trade commission said they were left with no other choice but to impose the tariffs correspondent bill zim for reporting months ago police recommended charging is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu with bribery fraud and breach of trust in two separate cases now netanyahu's wife has been officially indicted for allegedly spending taxpayers money abc's jordan miller reports from jerusalem israel's attorney general has indicted the wife of prime minister benjamin netanyahu on charges of fraud and breach of public trust sarah netanyahu is accused of misusing one hundred thousand dollars in state funds she allegedly ordered high end catering for the prime minister's residence and justified it by making false claims there was no cook employed sarah's indictment today could spell political trouble for netanyahu who is facing three corruption cases of his own giordano miller abc news jerusalem top local stories of the hour coming up including an emphasis emphasis patrol for washington state patrol officers will tell you what they're going to be looking for the next few days in just a few moments stay with us ryan queen here as a business owner do you ever wonder if your business ever closes early when you aren't there or if it opened on time this morning stop wondering with smarter business security.

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