Cbs, Steny Hoyer and Paul Ryan discussed on The Second Guess with Bobby Herbert and Mike Detillier


Said today that he believes there was a consensus immigration bill that did have enough republican votes to pass until speaker paul ryan convinced them it would have not helped the dreamers there is a bipartisan bill challenge the majority leader i said there are two hundred and forty votes you need to eighteen two hundred and forty votes for the heard agwu bill bring it to the floor president trump has apparently given up on an immigration bill before the midterm elections the president tweets that democrats have been telling phony stories of sadness in grief hoping it will help them in the elections he says he predicts a red wave in the fall and he says until it happens republicans should stop wasting their time trying to pass an immigration overhaul cbs's steven portnoy at the white house cbs news update i'm gary none from our jefferson financial federal credit union studios helping you achieve financial success w wwl first news thirty two names on your official weather station wwl

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