Quip’s defection lets Combatant in Kentucky Derby; Gronkowski uncertain after setback


What if that would check traded brady and gronk cleveland's first and fourth overall pick and we give them one of our sets of our picks from the later chart in front of me so to make that happen with gronk salary and brady salary you'd have to give up twenty three and a fourth and brady and gronk gettogether back from cleveland this year as well and a sixth next year on my charts i work out about right absolutely were they drop rob with an would you take i think i think you take number one sam darnold number four saquon barkley and then we get another quarterback later on the drafts just like we did with brady bledsoe before quarterback in one then take another quarterback later on second round picks trading the third not the second so you have some flexibility the first round pick later on you'll gang up one right fluke faulk i want them to trade draft luke falk just to keep ken on his toes at shrew why bmi does his last name is jerry us last hawk good sorry about that thanks rob i would love for that trade to happen it'd be great might not run in the derby at a setback according to his trainer they'll know for sure on the next twenty four hours you can get shot but breaking news setback for gronkowski the horse horse will be dead now let's hang is going to be dead but he might not run in the derby i don't know why i don't know why day ruins my whole dirt experience that horse where's that horse all right headlines next with chris curtis ordway merloni and fauria one hundred percent in or you're not in you're getting older your priorities are changing and then your kids are getting older at the same time and then you have somebody yapping at you about hey can't you just be done catchy here's the most important thing you have other options waste somebody's not going to tell me what to do every day i dictate my own hours i tell other people what to do i'm in charge you know how attractive that looks i'll wake up on i want to wake up i'll do what i wanted to ordway merloni and forty eight ten to.

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