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Basically that if the ratings fall cost of borrowing which just explode for that skyrocket can even make it where italian bonds cannot be bought by the european central bank so all of this uncertainty certainly not good for the global markets and you know is will be on italy to see how this unfolds in the next few weeks to months as they're going to have elections and all these different things that are going to happen so from the united states standpoint this is more of shortterm headwind as we're seen so far as of yet we do not really see a risk to the positive mir medium term and longer term outlook that we see in the global markets and especially our market here so italy's woes should not directly impact the american economy but it's likely to add a lot more volatility going forward you know i have a question for listening audience and this is getting a little more down the whole malul more where you live right now do you if you have have money in the stock and bond markets are you prepared for whenever the next serious market crash occurs and i might point out this is turning into the one of the longest stretches of a market climb in american history without having a bear market a bear market is where the stock market falls twenty or twenty percent or more from its recent high that is now hasn't happened in over nine years and we know there's two things are gonna happen sometime one is we're going to go into a recession in historically when you have a recession that's very much connected to a market crash so this is what i'm saying if you're in retirement and you're depending on your investments to generate income to live on for the rest of your life and if you think he got a little long jetty in your family where you might make it into your middle eighties or nineties my question to you is what are you going to do in the next market crash to protect you are you going to believe the nonsense from a wall street broker that just diversify and just hang in there and ride the market all the way down.

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