No sanctions relief without steps to denuclearize, Mattis tells North Korea


With preparations underway for a summit in singapore between president trump in north korea defense secretary james mattis says a nuclearfree north korea is nonnegotiable really highlights one of the biggest challenge is going into these negotiations which is reaching an agreement on what denuclearization looks like because in the past the two sides have had very different understandings of that issue for instance north korea has previously interpreted denuclearization to me that the us would remove all of its troops from the korean peninsula us negotiators are hoping the north has eased up on that demand though because today in singapore defense secretary james mattis said the us military's presence in south korea will not be on the agenda for the june twelfth summit however he did say if they can restore peace and they are certain that it will remain on the peninsula than they are open to discussing this issue down the road that's fox's garrett tenny one minute of silence will be observed in britain today to mark one year since the deadly attack on london bridge eight people were killed dozens more were hurt when three attackers in a vehicle ran pedestrians down then stabbed people it's been one month since lava and toxic ash started spewing from the kilowatt volcano on hawaii's big island more than eighty homes have been destroyed as new evacuations are ordered issued a mandatory evacuation order what that means is if you're not supposed to be back in the lava zone you could be fined or face arrest if you own a home in haven't left authorities say they're not going to rip anyone from their house but those who say could find themselves on their own with no one to rescue them fox's jeff paul lava flows this weekend have cut off highway access to a pair of communities evacuations in northern new mexico was a raging wildfire doubles in size the fire with zero containment has destroyed more than a dozen buildings the cause is unknown ham sale fox news radio oh remember wins.

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