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First two we've related and this one we're still trying to determine what involvement if any it has scottsdale pd working with phoenix police to figure out if this is connected to the other three deaths and if so what the motive is behind the murder authorities have now announced a twenty one thousand dollar reward for tips leading to the arrest and conviction in this case should an offduty fbi agent be hitting the dance floor with a loaded gun in his holster well denver police agents weapon accidentally discharged while he was booking the night away at a nightclub shooting another patron abc's brad garrett a former fbi agent says he's not impressed anybody that sworn pulls out a gun in a social setting and harm somebody else is in big trouble demand shot was hospitalized with non life threatening injuries wbz news time is taking up quickly to seven forty two and joining us now from the ace hticket dot com sports studio wbz's charlie version on hydraulic good morning tina houston last night red sox bounced back from a two run deficit scored late beat the astros five four battle back then at seven special way that their version of the baseball to go out there and give up crooked number you're gonna live so we battled back after losing the first two games that was big for us red sox starting pitcher david price who improves to six and four with the wind went to i six three two stroz in the seventh sox get three a christian vasquez solo home run a two run home run from andrew benintendi craig kimbrel his nineteenth save yankees have won four in a row b baltimore eight five to stay a half game back of the socks in the east stanley cup finals game three washington scores two in the second one in the third vegas three to one caps up to one in the series first time in the postseason that vegas has dropped two straight games waiting for the next one that's all i can do he said a lawyer you forget about tonight's game for the next one they were better team tonight they deserve the win and we'll move on vegas coach gerard gallant scheme for tomorrow in washington revolution two one winners over the rebels last night major league soccer northeastern baseball team eliminated from the nc double a tournament yesterday by nc state nine three the final second loss in the double elimination tournament for the huskies charlie birger on wbz sports i'm josh binswanger.

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