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And showers backed by friday night into the weekend in the komo weather center i'm meteorologist shannon o'donnell sixty four right now in seattle fire investigators checking if there's any connection between a house fire and suspicious criminal activity across the street at this point the cause of the devastating fire is still mystery come keith eldridge reports from olympic view drive with the latest on that investigation the fire on puget sound inlet just west of downtown gig harbor tore through the manning family's home we were praying praying that there was no nobody hurt julia runyon live just across the water and it was really sad and amazing to see something happening like that in our neighborhood fortunately nobody was home the owners were out of town we never like see this kind of loss in our community is dramatic for everybody involved and it always hits us hard we see people's belongings where they lived go up the cause so far unknown but some suspicious activity was taking place at the same time across the street's very scary johnny radke says it's obvious someone tried to get into her home because she never leaves the sliding screen door open so somebody did that as you said someone had messed with the control box turned over some kayaks and left a glove behind next to her the homeowner says someone slipped into her home and took a laptop and other items while a fire was burning and she was evacuated but at this point investigators do not know if the burglaries and the fire are connected the fire investigators been on scene trying to figure out what causes it here if there's any connection to the home was being burglarized next door gig harbor keith eldridge komo news personnel of entered what was the russian consulate mansion in seattle the facility had been ordered closed in the aftermath of the spy poisoning scandal in great britain officials with the state department tell us they entered this morning to secure the facility and ensure russian officials had vacated the premises russian personnel had until eleven fifty nine last night to vacate the consulate there's another faster way to get from seattle to vancouver and it comes complete with water front view come loose jeff pohjola explains starting tomorrow kenmore air will offer daily flights from lake union.

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