Former girlfriend of 49ers LB Reuben Foster recants domestic violence claims


It's the weekday payday right here on kmby are six eighty coming up in just a couple of minutes we'll get to last call kobe is in the house this evening he'll take over cambio tonight at ten o'clock and tomorrow frady myself and kobe from nine to midnight or every rocking with our nfl draft show crazy crazy stuff going on obviously with the draft the circus that's involved with that and then today if you missed it the break in the reuben foster cases at the woman accused who accused ruben of domestic violence recanted her her claim saying that the injuries that she sustained were a part of a fight from another woman and apparently now there's a video of that incident so we're waiting for that to come out before i make another decision about this because initially it was very reactionary when you her what do you hear reuben foster beat her when you her i when you do that right dir when you hear reuben foster talking about hitting a woman your first reaction is rid of them cut him that's reactionary at the same time we really have to sit back and wait for all the details and i think that's what today did for me it's can open my eyes up okay can't make a decision until every single thing comes out that comes out and we know exactly what the situation was speculating and being reactionary is it never works no but at the same time this i'm not going to sit here in blast people that that that wouldn't jump to a conclusion right away because if you look at this still it's it's off all scenarios off so people that did jump to conclusion i can understand plus the track record of nfl in these kinds of situations or not only track record nfl checker here this kid the track record of him is tom is over and over and.

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