First lady Melania Trump not attending G7, North Korea summits


First lady melania trump has not made a public appearance in more than three weeks since before her nearly long hospitalization last month the first lady's office tells abc news she will not be joining president trump on his upcoming trips to the g seven summit in quebec and the highly anticipated summit between the united states and north korea in singapore the forty eight year old first lady has not been seen in public since may tenth when she and the president welcomed home three american detainees from north korea on may fourteenth the white house announced the first lady underwent a medical procedure to treat a benign kidney condition this weekend she did not join the president and his retreat camp david meredith mcgrath abc news the white house the first lady is making her first appearance at a reception for gold star families of the white house today but that is close to the press nasa welcome home the return of its astronauts from the international space station landing in kazakhstan three astronauts including american scott tinkler back on earth after departing the international space station earlier sunday to an end a one hundred and sixty eight days hey in space tingle and as crew members from russia and japan spent five and a half months in orbit and during that time conducted science experiments and perform spacewalk repairs their space capsule landing in a grassy field in kazakhstan a new crew departs for the iss later this week michelle franson abc news spacex nine.

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