A year that's your money now you're next update in half an hour komo news time one twenty two and looking at wall street by the way dow jones industrial average down eleven points s and p five hundred is up three congress offering solutions to stop annoying robocalls and it doesn't involve passing any new laws abc's andy field explains tech expert ethan gar telling congress it's wasting its time trying to pass laws to stop robocalls three men irs scam operation in a cd nondescript room in another country isn't worried that the long arm of the american justice system is ever gonna knock on their door are created an app called robo killer that automatically talks to an answers robo calls the he says there are many tech solutions delve americans avoid and eliminate robocalls andy field abc news washington other university is revoking an honorary degree awarded bill cosby the statement from temple university in philadelphia is straightforward it says in nineteen ninetyone based on his career achievements temple awarded an honorary degree to william cosby on thursday dr kazi was found guilty by a jury of the felony of aggravated sexual assaults on friday the board of trustees has accepted the recommendation to rescind the honorary degree that statement following carnegie mellon university's revocation of an honorary degree a day earlier citing its unwavering commitment not to tolerate sexual violence or harassment scott goldberg abc news komo news time one twenty three a low speed chase created high drama near springfield illinois as a twenty nine year old led police on a slow speed chase on a farm tractor van holidays with the menard county illinois sheriff's office says it didn't take long to realize suspect daniel moose wasn't using the tractor for farming male subject driving us large farm tracker radically through subdivision the driver attempt to distract police vehicle fortunately the officer is able to avoid the collision no structures appeared to be damaged the pursuit ended when mousse t tour bike trail and reached a bridge too low to pass no one was hurt shawn balint abc news springfield illinois komo news time one twenty four aaa traffic every ten minutes on the fours i'm feeling and i feel like i need to.

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