Mt. Sterling McDonald's worker one of 5 confirmed hepatitis A cases in Montgomery County


Infecting patients with hepatitis c in pierce county her attorney tells us she doesn't have hep c komo's keith eldridge reports nurse cora we break the feser herself against the charge that she knowingly spread emergency room patients a good sample hospital in puyallup hospital said twenty seven hundred people could have been exposed to the infection her attorney now says this proves she is not guilty the additional scientific testing that we have undermines the very threshold issue core couldn't have given anybody this virus she doesn't have it i want everyone to know that i never intentionally unintentionally stuck anyone with a needle with which i stuck myself to admits that she took drugs from the er or attorney says internal memos say the state health department cannot directly link her to to patients who i got hep c i talked to multi care the people who run good sam they say they were told by the county health department that she did test positive for hep c now it's up to the prosecuting attorney to figure it all out whether to file assault charges against let that part of the case drop keith eldridge komo news meanwhile just over half of the good samaritan patients warned they could have been exposed to hepatitis c you you've been tested in all more than twenty seven hundred patients got that warning fourteen hundred thirty have been tested at of all the tests the health department says it has confirmed two cases have come from the same source another hit of e coli for yet another local restaurant coli outbreak at three homegrown restaurants in redmond kirkland and seattle we're told four people got sick after eating the chicken pesto sandwiches there at the end of april the restaurants have stopped selling them while the health department looks for a source of that outbreak break that's komo's lease stole a new whale alert to help area voter stay clear put in place komo's mark christopher explained that new wail warning flag will be flown by bojan select land stations along.

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