“Solo: A Star Wars Story” falls short with $83.3M at box office


This campaign the bbc's katie watson reporting spain's maritime rescue service says it has rescued three hundred sixty six migrants attempting the dangerous crossing of the mediterranean sea this weekend the service says it's rescue craft intercepted seventythree migrants traveling enforcement boats on sunday adding to the two hundred ninety three migrants had pulled from nine vessels on saturday this is npr news lava from the killer way of volcano reached a geothermal power plant on the big island sunday approaching wells that have been capped to protect against the release of toxic gas should they mix with lava plant spokesman says the lava covered at least one of the geothermal wells over two thousand people remain evacuated from a neighborhood where the volcanic eruption now covers nearly four square miles of land at the box office this holiday weekend the millennium falcon is flying lower than expected npr's bob mondello says franchise fatigue may be setting in with soloist star wars story contributing overall movie box office for this memorial day weekend we'll top last year's by more than twenty five percent but whatever force there is in those numbers is not coming from solo which is flying substantially below projections that were already well below the numbers generated by the last star wars movie rogue one earned one hundred and fifty five million dollars its opening weekend solo we'll have to struggle to reach one hundred and one million why industry observers point to solos mixed reviews and to possible franchise fatigue with disney releasing a new star wars movie every year the last jedi i came out just five months ago so is at least breaking the hundred million dollar mark and no film has done that on memorial day weekend since two thousand fourteen bob mondello npr news washington racecar driver will power won the indianapolis five hundred sunday giving team owner roger penske seventeenth win andy popular driver danika patrick crashed about a third of the way through the race as she ended her racing career i'm jim.

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