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Conference final cleveland over boston eighty seven seventynine a high flying high tech approach to prison surveillance what's believed to be a first south carolina will soon have drones flying over its twenty one st prisons state corrections director brian stirling i'm targeting people who are trying to bring contraband into our institutions yes absolutely these folks are incarcerated have all day to think of ways team introduced contraband contraband and territorial disputes led to a south carolina prison riot last month that left seven inmates dead and twenty two injured jim krasula cbs news florida authorities say a woman who was beaten and held captive for two days at gunpoint by her boyfriend escaped when she convinced him to bring their dog to an animal hospital and then slipped a note to a staff member of the boyfriend is being held without bond on domestic violence and other charges pacific financial markets are higher i'm tom foty cbs news it's eleven oh five at the bay area's news station kcbs sunny skies for your memorial day will be hot inland good evening i'm peter finch here's what's happening to people are dead after a small plane crash today in petaluma kcbs scott leterrier reporting from the scene the ntsb and faa on scene investigating this sunday afternoon plane crash here not a half mile away from the pendulum up municipal airport a lot of them fly right here and they're all kind of sound the same you know you don't really notice it but i notice this one because i heard it was loud it was like right in my ear you know dominic borgo works at the rooster run golf club which is underneath the airport's approach the small airplane apparently had engine trouble after taking off tom graham was teeing off on the tenth hole when he looked up and saw the plane sputtering took off to the to the north and they usually you take a take a right back down south to the thirty three sixty olympic at the airport probably trying to make a turn to see if he could get back to the airport and obviously make the plane crashed on east washington street between an open field and a large home with major acreage brush in pine trees the two occupants apparently died on impact in petaluma scala terry kcbs a.

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