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Mike reiss said the my facebook page this morning he says todd tell me that i am not missing something twenty twenty could be at least for the democrats five white guys in a clinton yes mike you are you're correct except for i would add it's probably fifty five white guys and a clinton beckoned back in two thousand sixteen i used to i used to go into this and more detail but near the left excoriates the right we are the party of old white men right the republicans the republicans just you know it it's superficially they're all male they're all christian i'm just telling you how this is not saying that that's accurate but nonetheless that's their whiteman holding onto power trying to desperately desperately hanging onto the control that they've had in this country unjustly for generations the party of old white men yeah you know putting their presidential candidates forward of course last last election we had the likes of carly fiorina we had ted cruz we had marco rubio we had bobby jindal we had been carson right and we're told we're told that the the democrats the far left they're the ones that have this very racially divers or very gender diverse group of candidates and what did they give us what did they give us back in two thousand sixteen they gave us the nutty professor bernie sanders they gave us let's see jim webb they gave us lincoln chafee they gave us hillary the possible clinton criminal clinton and they gave us my personal favorite sexy sexy sexy martin o'malley run around shirtless on the beach is trying to garner votes during the democrat primary right he was he was irrelevant irrelevant until he was seen shirtless on the beaches of maryland or wherever he was and that went onto twitter and folks were commenting on you know him being shirtless on the beach and so we called him sexy sexy sexy martin o'malley and so i remember back in those days saying the democrats the superficial party of skin deep party right were they.

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