Weather got you down? The entire planet of Mars is buried in a dust storm right now.


Found on mars and i was asked to make a prediction what will nasa fine with his curiosity rover on the surface of mars and i said that well i hate to be a party pooper but we're not gonna find evidence of little green men we're not gonna find evidence of life but we will find evidence of the precursors of life organic carbon based molecules are ganic molecules that will one day if mars had continued on his track one day create perhaps the first dna molecule however we didn't go that far in other words about three and a half billion years ago mars lost is oceans lost riverbeds and it became a dead planet why we're not sure but we think the solar wind blew the atmosphere of mars mars has no magnetic field to speak up to protect it as a consequence the solar wind blew much of the atmosphere into outer space and therefore lost most of its water in the process so are we going to find fossils i

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