The Daily 202: Under Trump, Americans are becoming more supportive of immigration


Trade war but negotiating a better deal for the united states with countries that have you know a lot more to lose than we do so if so hopefully it will be done without having a major negative impact on the us or you know the larger global economy which people are concerned about oh we're we're going to see how all this plays out you know i'm not completely personally now's my own opinion here against the tariffs i do think there are times and i i like a lot of things trump does but i think there are some times you know his bluntness can create some challenges with our trading partners that wouldn't happen otherwise but i i like i hope this is a negotiating tool net ends there on that note mike you know something that we've stressed before which is interesting observation anytime in our industry where i've seen a hundred percent of the experts think something's going to happen right it all who scores the other cherian

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