‘GM crop technologies may help boost farm income’


The second segment year so china american hostages ravine on tightly after north korea returns the bodies of law soldiers from the korean war so is it that the dictator of north korea is finally understanding that america's not her in we will work with them we will bring north korea back into the community of nations and then at the same time china is doubling down saying okay well we're still communist we're still going to be your enemy we're still going to be your geopolitical enemy by the way we've got hoste design is what's going on here jan it looks that way how ironic you know when trump met with kim jong hoon he said to him look at the real estate you've got here can you imagine condos in hotels in the he hid it from the real estate magnet stance which i thought was brilliant absolutely brilliant no one has ever gone to a dictator and said that and i think that with along with the film they did which was remarkable showing him with what his country could be you have to remember little kim is a young man and so he thinks differently than the grandfather he adored so you have that and then of course trump became great friends with president xi in china however there's this communist bloodline through china they've been stealing our intellectual property we've been like hundreds of billions in deficit with their trade program back and forth and so trump is holding the line on china right now and what's going on is if you're a at american in urine china they will not let you exit in they're calling it economic investigation they want your family from america to come back to china and be investigated so this is literally they're blackmailing a tourist into getting their american chinese relatives to china maybe to get intellectual property who knows but this is a very sneaky kind of frightening turn in our relationship with china in every day we hear on the news how dangerous russia is but china is the real threat bruin happy with the out of gaza services were getting out of china and then they put barriers up to the united states so it's it's totally out of bounds it has been for decades and literally we're financing to build up their military their navys they're even built in the island's out china's see and it's american money technologies is paying for a lot of that and i'm glad to see that trump is getting a trade war gone with them i think they got a lot more to lose we do a with the story of the data by a little can opener for a beer opener and i said i bet that speed in china and sure enough it was made in china so if you look at all the labels and everything were buying it's baiting china and of course they use inexpensive labor over there people are happy to have jobs even though they don't pay much they don't have the high standards here in the united states as far as working conditions and environmental constraints and so forth so they're able to make four five six hundred billion dollars a year it put restrictions on the products that we can sell over there so i hope trump really puts the pressure on china we need to break it up just like we did in russia break it up into question glenn on the tariffs do you think that this is a ploy or will he really stick it to china on these

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