Michigan State to pay Larry Nassar abuse victims $500M in settlements


A break after pleading guilty salem superior court judge timothy feeley rejected the prosecutor's request for at least one year behind bars saying men well sort of a teeny was just trying to support his family by selling drugs the judge said sort of a teeny was not an addict and sentenced him instead to two years probation earlier today governor baker weighed in on that ruling with people who are killing heroin just dealing heroin dealing with an addiction just dealing heroin my view on that is those people to be treated to the full extent of the law i don't know the facts in this particular case as it's been described to me it's disappointing disturbing even judge feely also said he was taking into account possible immigration consequences that sort of a teeny would face because of that convection and this just into the wbz newsroom michigan state university now we'll pay five hundred million dollars to the women and girls assaulted by disgraced sports dr larry nassar at settlement involves hundreds of women who say they were assaulted during socalled treatments with nasser that's women including olympic gymnast aly razman of needham also mccallum maroney and gabby douglas nassar pleading guilty earlier this year to those charges he's now serving decades behind bars coming up there might be trouble ahead for president trump's plan summit with north korean leader kim jong un we'll tell you why after bloomberg business right here on wbz right now though it's time to check traffic and weather together the subaru retailers of new england allwheeldrive traffic on the threes it's brought to you this noontime of the van loans school at endicott college what's up jim ryan delays downtown boston do.

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