Christina, Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton discussed on Jennifer Ross and Bill Adams


The recipient that one but to christina's marconi awards for his broadcast excellence the one and only bill the great american here bill cunningham thanks for listening tonight and i tell you what watching all the sunday morning shows this morning the incredible the last two days what's come out about the obama administration not just eavesdropping on the trump campaign but now beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt in addition to eavesdropping wrongfully it now appears that the obama administration caused a mole a it'd be placed inside the trump campaign obama administration targeted the trump campaign and one of the dirtiest tricks in american political history if don't think about how the media spun this thing that i like well who knows this could be national security amount of no it wasn't it was obama wiretapping then obama using a mole to spy on the trump campaign to make even more likely hillary clinton would win the presidency and that didn't work the fbi had an insurance policy ready to go incredible stuff and this morning the president tweeted out a quote this is from the president i hereby demand and will do so officially tomorrow not the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi the doj infiltrated or surveilled the trump campaign for political purposes and if any such demands requests for made by people within the obama administration i can answer it right now the answer is yes the department of justice eric holder loretta lynch james comey were all beholding either political appointee or friends of barack hussein obama and they had to put their thumbs on the scale the head to do their best to make sure hillary would win so they wanted to surveilled and spy on the trump campaign defeated hillary information to make it more likely she would she would win the presidency and i'll tell you what devon nunez was on fox news.

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