STONE IS MUELLER’S LAST STAND; Deep State Flummoxed – Artvoice


News and elsewhere that professors to fawn helper seventy three two years old is the informant hired by the fbi to dig up dirt on trump and trump campaign officials under the masquerade of some national security matter i pray to god tomorrow on monday this president finally does what he should have done months ago in declassify all this information all the redacted deletions from the information provided by rod rosenstein to the house into the senate the president's got run out of his patients goes the the information now that obama nachos surveilled but spied on the trump campaign is absolutely completely despicable one of the worst political tricks in american political history and you might recall the rod rosenstein about a month ago should accused the trump presidency of extorting the department of justice extorting and so he's squealing like a stuck pig and rod rosenstein stuck right now as as the muller investigation is a joke in his charade so let's continue plus we gotta deal tonight later on with the shooting of course in santa fe.

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