First glimpse of Juan Soto can’t prevent sweep of the Nationals as Dodgers win, 7-2


Jose reyes another oh for four last night you got a big batista would be a better fit on this roster than what the mets are getting from ray even if you don't expect a whole lot from jose batista going forward so he should be a guy the mets are at least kicking the tires on here elsewhere in the division the nationals lost howie kendrick for the season ruptured his achilles yesterday got a spike cost in a drain out on the warning track there in washington real unfortunate and the nationals make an aggressive move they called up nineteen year old juan soto who has jumped from low a too high a to aa and now the majors all so far this season and when i tell you the numbers you'll understand why he's banning three sixty two with fourteen home runs and fifty two rb is in thirty nine games at those three levels combined those soto is not in the starting lineup today's the.

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