George H.W. Bush arrives in Maine for summer


Begins and milwaukee's river west neighborhood over the weekend police say thieves hit up vice cars on booth street then smashed the windows of at least six more those coming on the heels of whitefish bay in shorewood police encouraging people there to remove valuables into wok their doors after a dozen or so vehicle break ins in the past week the president demanding answers from the justice department after reports that an alleged informant was sent to spy on the two thousand sixteen campaigns today president trump is expected to officially follow through on his stunning order tweeting i hereby demand that the department of justice look into whether or not the fbi doj infiltrated or savell the trump campaign for political purposes sunday the justice department said it would investigate deputy attorney general rod rosenstein sane and a statement quote if anyone did infiltrate or savell participants and our presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes we need to know about it and take appropriate action kenneth moton abc news washington north korea displays the closure of its nuclear test site this week foreign journalists will be allowed to a journey deep into the country's mountains to witness it the closing on mount mandera much taty display of goodwill before leader kim jong un's planes summit with president trump next month the closure will also mark an end to the world's last active underground testing site sconsin native in marquette graduate will be in court in washington dc today bryce benson was commander of the navy's uss fitzgerald when it crashed last summer near japan hearing is the first time the exact charges against benson will be heard so far the navy has declined to specify some three thousand uw milwaukee students got their diplomas sunday during their commencement ceremonies loved ones watch from the stands of panther arenas graduate celebrated their years of study with bugs president peter fagin the featured speaker meanwhile out east a former white house contender the keynote speaker at yale's graduation hillary clinton went back to yale university a former presidential candidate warned graduating seniors america is facing a fullfledged crisis in our democracy i say this not as a democrat who lost an election but as an american afraid of losing a country nineteen seventythree yale law school grad also addressed the school shooting tragedy in texas enough is enough we need to come together and we certainly need commonsense.

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