Ohio, Trump and Hillary Clinton discussed on Todd Huff Radio


Michigan wisconsin pennsylvania ohio and florida to vote for trump to trip to trick them into voting for trump instead of hillary in two thousand and sixteen thereby stealing the election from hillary clinton colluding with the russians and on and on this story goes but they're all this investigation of course we were led to believe in fact many networks and many stations news outlets basically declared that the end of this game would be trump walking out of the white house in handcuffs right trump being escorted out reminiscent of richard nixon back in the seventies only this time we'll have him in an orange jumpsuit and some some handcuffs as he's ushered out of the the white house or if nothing else will be impeached by the likes of maxine waters and nancy pelosi i guess then it goes to the senate in the senate would somehow convict him once again removing him in the white from the white house in handcuffs or or if that doesn't work they had the twenty fifth amendment right the twenty fifth amendment trump's cabinet gets together and they say guys listen we don't have any choices this guy is mentally unfit to serve as president of the united states so we have to we basically have to call in action the twenty fifth amendment whereby we affectively remove this this crazy man from office and so there's a lot of networks a lot of news sources that have told their audience this for some time or implied it sometimes directly sometimes indirectly but but oftentimes directly trump is going to be effectively removed in fact i remember trump's first term excuse me trump's first year i should say we're still in trump's two first term the

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