NYC Century 21 security guard, alleged shoplifter arrested after altercation, NYPD says


Beard and glasses a security guard at a century twenty one stores charged with assaulting a suspected teen shoplifter polly christman reports the teen was tackled just outside the courtroom street store and video of the incident has gone viral you can hear the suspect say that he can't breathe police say security guard accustomed wilson used excessive force choking the suspect is he and two other security guards piled on nineteen year old victor roberson of brooklyn is said to have attempted to steal shoes from the department store roberson was treated at a hospital and then arrested polly christman four seven ten w are an estimated sixty million older americans at high risk for vision loss are not getting screened sara lee kessler reports dr michael kunia retina specialist in manhattan i near says failing to prioritize i health is a major mistake their biggest roller patients is macular degeneration clearly that's the thing that you don't wanna miss because it can cause irreversible loss of vision but there are lots of other conditions like glaucoma cataract which also pose a risk dr kuni says everyone over the age of fifty needs a full dilated eye exam once a year and that scene seniors should prioritize i examined the same way they get screened for high cholesterol high blood.

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